About us

We’re a on a mission to support teams in technology-led organisations to inspire, build and sustain the productive practices and engaging experiences that creates their unique version of high performance.

Our name

Umano means ‘humanity’.  Our domain is ‘.tech’.  We embrace a modern world of work where humans are elevated by technology.

Our human evolution accelerates with the help of tools that can analyse vast amounts of data, offer guidance on demand and lead us into richer conversation and aligned action.

Our mission

We believe that every single organisation’s success depends on the success of how they ‘team’.

Umano is on a mission to help 1,000,000 teams (at least!) master how they become self-directed, self-accountable and self-improving, equipping them with the optics and guidance needed to evolve into peak performers.

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Help us build the future of team performance and work on the creation of an exciting platform that’s elevating teamwork globally

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