How it works

Captures and analyses data

Umano connects to the tools you already use, including Slack, Jira and Bitbucket. Drawing on these diverse data sets, Umano creates profiles that map performance on a range of scales. This means you can profile your team’s strengths, and match them to the right projects more easily.

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Provides ongoing insight

Via Umano’s platform, you can view performance profiles for all your teams. Data is presented in an easy-to-read visual that highlights what is driving a team’s success or keeps holding them back. Use a series of metrics as levers to improve long-term change and better outputs.

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Informs better decisions

Armed with Umano’s insights, you can have data-driven conversations within your team, measure the impact of any changes you make, and do more of the things that work.

Why we created Umano

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Collective insights from your trusted tools

Your tools carry deep and rich insight into the way you work. Umano gives you access to this information in a streamlined way – giving you a simple, yet multi-dimensional view of your performance

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