How it works

Improve review practices and increase the quality of work

Teams that review small units of work in a timely way produce quality work. In addition to propelling progress for a team, rapid reviews reduce the amount of context switching, for both author and reviewer – a win for everyone!

Spot bottlenecks to progress and deliver consistently and reliably

Insights into a team’s process helps them to take more control of their workflow and communicate confidently with customers and stakeholders. Improving a team’s ability to define its process also emboldens them to forecast future work more confidently, an outcome that will help to build trust.

Increase information flow and create a culture of transparency

Communication is the glue that makes a process, team or project successful. The communicative behaviour of the team is a representation of a team’s dynamic and ability to work together.

Why we created Umano

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Collective insights from your trusted tools

Your tools carry deep and rich insight into the way you work. Umano gives you access to this information in a streamlined way – giving you a simple, yet multi-dimensional view of your performance

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