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We've learned from start-ups to multi-national enterprises and developed a core set of software delivery metrics.

  Design & Build Insights

Lead Time/Cycle Time - Provides average and ticket specific cycle and lead times

Stability of Requirements - hows, tickets added and removed as well as the title, description, acceptance criteria and estimate changes

Completion Rate - Breakdown of overall, planned and unplanned completion rate by tickets/estimates

Planning Accuracy - Comparison of the planned time (for story points, the average time taken) and the actual time taken to complete a ticket

Throughput - Number of tickets completed per sprint/iteration and a breakdown of type

Work In Progress - Provides the percentage of tickets that are in progress at a given time of a sprint/iteration and surface each ticket and it’s status history

TIme in Status - Average time spent on each status for tickets allocated to a sprint/iteration along with a breakdown for status history for each ticket

Hidden Work - Highlights the tickets that get worked (by ticket movement or PR activity) on without being allocated to the active sprint.

Efficiency - Average number of tickets/estimates completed during the sprint/iteration by a team member (assignee)

  Review Insights

Speed of Review - Average time taken to review a pull request along with a breakdown of all pull requests reviewed in the sprint

Size of Pull Request - Average size (number of lines changed) of pull requests created/updated during the sprint

Time to Merge - Average amount of time taken to merge a pull request from creation and the breakdown per PR

Review Rate - Percentage PRs reviewed and merged compared to the total PRs merged

Rework Rate - Percentage of tickets that are being reworked (moved back from done/review status) with a breakdown of ticket types

Defect Rate - Percentage of defect tickets completed compared to the defects allocated to each sprint

Review Progress - Break down of total PRs in each stage (open/reviewed/merged) per sprint/iteration

  Engagement Insights

Communication Balance - How balanced the communication among the team members and a break down of percentage communication by each team member overall and in each tool

Responsiveness - How responsive the team is to resolve requests and a breakdown of response time in each tool

Team Collaboration - How lean the team is when interacting to complete assigned tasks (Issues, PRs, Wikis, Channels)