How Umano can elevate your performance

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Get an assessment of up to three projects, to see the kind of insight Umano can provide.

  • 3 month historical review
  • Up to 3 projects and 20 tool sources
  • A PDF report containing all the data and insights Umano has gathered
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Take a test-drive

Try out Umano on a current project, and experience the difference it can make first-hand.

  • Access to Umano’s online portal for 3, 6 or 12 months
  • Build profiles using data from up to 20 tool sources, and up to 50 people
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Bring Umano on board

Integrate Umano within your whole organisation, and step into the next-gen way of working.

  • A customised performance baseline generated from up to 3 months historical data
  • Build profiles using data from unlimited sources, people and teams
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See it in action

We’ve already put Umano to the test ourselves,
and would love to share what we’ve learned,
and the adjustments we’ve made along the way.

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