Create alignment and focus.

Umano spots your team strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. They’re the facts that provide freedom.

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Metrics that tell the story of change

Umano provides more than 20 leading indicators depicting the health of your engineering organisation's communication, workflow and quality practices.

Mapped over time, these patterns tell your organisation's story of change.

Link company goals to metrics

With Umano, you can create alignment within your organisation by explicitly linking company goals to metrics, driving behaviour change.

When issues arise, deepive into a tailored set of metrics for root cause analysis.

Learn from others

Highlights your engineering organisation's strengths and vulnerabilities, benchmarked against a wider universe to learn from others.

Collective insights from your trusted tools

Your tools carry deep and rich insight into the way you work. Umano gives you access to this information in a streamlined way – giving you a simple, yet multi-dimensional view of your performance

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