Exceptional software teams deliver exceptional software.

Umano spots your team strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. They’re the facts that provide freedom.

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Daily data that delivers

Presenting daily insights from your existing workplace tools, Umano is the digital coach that champions your teams’ success; playing to your strengths, spotting hidden weaknesses and promoting potential.

Umano is about empowering people, not replacing them, so you and your team can do what you do a whole lot better.

For engineering teams

Umano for engineering teams

Your team’s trusted coach.

Umano’s data-driven insights quantify your team's delivery practises, creating alignment and focus in your team to improve performance and stay ahead.

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Collective insights from your trusted tools

Your tools carry deep and rich insight into the way you work. Umano gives you access to this information in a streamlined way – giving you a simple, yet multi-dimensional view of your performance

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