Timely insights. Continuous team improvement.

Empower your agile software team to perform at their best, with insights drawn from the tools you already use.

See a fuller picture of your performance

Technical, process and behavioural skills are profiled while your team works, helping you assess your performance from different perspectives.

Iterate and evolve every day

With automated, on-demand feedback, you can constantly learn from what you’re doing and adjust your approach accordingly.

Collective intelligence

Tap into the shared smarts of our global community, as we together work to master our working practices.

Collective insights from your trusted tools

Your tools carry deep and rich insight into the way you work. Umano gives you access to this information in a streamlined way – giving you a simple, yet multi-dimensional view of your performance

Find out how these tools contribute

How it works

Crack the code of what makes people and projects successful.

Captures and analyses data.

Captures & analyses data

Umano connects to your existing tools and create profiles that map performance on a range of scales.

Provides ongoing insight.

Provides ongoing insight

View performance profiles for projects, teams or individuals, and spot surges, lags and opportunities to respond.

Informs better decisions.

Informs better decisions

Have data-driven conversations within your team and measure the impact of any changes you make

How Umano can elevate your performance

Run diagnostics

Get an assessment of up to three projects, to see the kind of insight Umano can provide.

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Take a test-drive

Try out Umano on a current project, and experience the difference it can make first-hand.

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Integrate Umano within your whole organisation, and step into the next-gen way of working.

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